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Medical Assistant Schools, Training and Certification

Offers details on top medical assistant schools, training programs and certification. Also provides ways to advance your career after employment.
Medical Assistant School

Medical assistant school and classes for medical assistants are available online at St. Augustine Medical Assistant School. Medical assistant training program online.
123Doc Medical Courses

Offers postgraduate medical courses, specialising in online medical courses for junior doctors and lecture courses and revision courses for postgraduate medical exams.
English for Medical Professions

English exercises in text recreation and reconstruction, sentence endings, phrases, spelling, prepositions, scanning text, irregular verbs, and determiners. Specifically for doctors, nurses, or anyone in the medical profession.
Med-Ed Critical Care Nursing Seminars

Providing critical care nursing seminars, conferences and continuing education to help ensure that our nation's nurses receive the most up to date education.
Saint James School of Medicine

A fully accredited Caribbean medical school, emerges from a background of twenty long years of experience in the accredited Caribbean medical school system.
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