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Atlas Chiropractic Gold Coast
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Atlas Chiropractic Gold Coast

Atlas Chiropractic is a state of the art chiropractic facility, with specialized equipment and a special focus on upper cervical chiropractic. That is, we have a special interest in the relationship of the atlas bone, on which the weight of the heavy head is perched, and the cervical spine   that supports it. If the atlas is out of relationship to the head, very simply it means the head is not on straight. A caring team of health care professionals on the Gold Coast dedicated to using a very modern and revolutionary health care program and education, to offer every opportunity for our clients of every age to maintain and restore their health and quality of life. WE CARE! We understand that there are an overwhelming number of health care choices and treatments today; so much information in books, on the internet and opinions from other people, that many people often become confused, disillusioned and often lose hope.

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