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Samurai swords store offers unique shopping experience and large selection of Chinese and Japanese blades made of quality materials. You can use our special app to create your custom Katana in 3d and change all parts while seeing the result of your custom sword before purchasing. the swords are hand...

Large selection of custom Samurai swords including Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto, Nodachi, Nagamaki and Shirasaya, we also offer unique Chinese and Japanese weapons, all of the swords are handmade from quality materials and large selection of parts is available for customization. If you are looking for...

Offers and provides customers with a wide variety of swords, outdoor equipment, and gifts.
Heavenly Swords and Weapons

Heavenly Swords - Hand selected swords, weapons, armour for fans and collectors.
Blank Firing Replica Gun Store

We specialize in blank firing guns. We have modern military pistols, police and detective revolvers and single action old west revolvers. Our simulator training guns are perfect for firearms training and reenactments.

A comprehensive guide to buying REAL swords online at an affordable price. Includes reviews, test cutting, basic sword information, a free newsletter subscription and everything else a beginning sword enthusiast/collector needs to know.
Replica Guns and Weapons

An outstanding collection of Replica Guns, Swords, Blank Guns, Knives, Daggers and other weapons from the Civil War Period, Pirate and Colonial era, Medieval Swords, World War II, Flintlocks, Muskets, Wild West blank firing guns and more.